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BULLETIN Started working on Soul Blade B6 @ 25 November 2000
SCRIPT Soul Blade B5 is now out @ 19 November 2000
ARTICLE mIRC 5.81 latest bug fix has been released @ 5 November 2000
Soul Blade Script Home has a new look - INSIDES @ 19 November 2000
As you might have noticed { hard to miss, don't you think ? }, Soul Blade Home has changed a bit. At first, my apologies for not updating this site as often as I should have, but I do have some other matters to attend to besides scripting. You can also notice that the site's new look comes out at the same time as Soul Blade B5. I've been doing some extensive coding, and extensive testing to make sure that B5 would be worth releasing, and you would enjoy using it as much as I did making it.
Soul Blade B5 is now out - INSIDES @ 18 November 2000
I have just released the newest edition of Soul Blade. The ones of you may notice that I have skipped the B3 and B4 editions, but actually, I haven't. It just turned out that those bug fixing packets we're just not ready enough to make a stand alone appearance. But, with the help of my friends { read, Trystan } Soul Blade is back in the saddle. My thanks for all your support. All the changes are precisely and chronologically listed within the Version History topic of the Soul Blade Help file, and the VERSIONS page within this site.
Soul Blade news server has been activated - INSIDES @ 18 November 2000
Along with the new release of Soul Blade, I have activated the internal news server, from which you can get in depth news directly from the Soul Blade development desk { my machine :) } and where you will receive information about Soul Blade updates, interesting extension packages, or new themes, when available. All you have to do is select the News item from the World Wide Web submenu within the Help menu item, or type in /news.
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