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 Soul Blade B5
Soul Blade B5 is an all around script, which should probably mean I implemented almost every feature I could think of, and every feature that has been suggested by some of you. The result is { I hope } an easy customizable script, fully dialog based, with features to suit the novice and please the experienced user.
I guess here is the place to mention that Soul Blade always was { and will be } open to user comments and suggestions. If you encounter some features which Soul Blade does not support, and you would like to have them, MAIL me.
But then, if you are an experienced scripter, you could always try to build an extension. :)
Note : Please note that this here is only a limited list of Soul Blade's features, since the list has grown to be so big it wouldn't fit here. Even if it would, someone would have to type it in, but it wouldn't be me. :)
Personal Protection
Personal Flood Protection
A wide personal flood protection feature has been implemented. It now reacts to any kind of user activated flood, and automatically ignores the user according to the time period you specify. A popup message box announces the flood.
Personal Ban Protection
Mostly placed as a standard feature, even though not too effective to kick - ban commands. May I remind you that a ban protection feature only works if you hold operator status to the specified channel.
Channel Related
Channel Protection
Channel protection is mostly used by channel owners, in order to maintain a channel atmosphere, and automatically remove annoying users. As a standard part are the repeat, caps, flood, control codes, swear, mass command kicks.
What is specific about it, is the separate configuration file for each channel.
Channel Properties
A custom dialog window which replaces the mIRC Channel Central, and unlike it, delivers much more information about the current channel you are on, including a user list, a clone list, channel statistics, and of course the standard channel modes, the ban list and the channel topic, including channel topic history.
Nick Completion
Seems to be a standard part now, so I just added it. Comes with exchangeable completion styles, which can be saved for future exchanges.
Nick Coloring
Ability to color nickname sin a channel listbox according to previously set colors.
Auto Format Input
This features enables auto formatting of input text according to preset conditions.
User Ping Requests
Soul Blade Script responds to !ping me user requests sent on an active channel, and automatically calculates the lag time and sends it to the user which requested it.
Seen User System
Especially useful for channel operators, and users spending most of the day on IRC. Records user actions in a single file, and responds to !seen nickname user requests. The save and display options are independent of each other.
User Channel Status
Ability to show user status in the channel. This means showing user operator or voice status beside their nickname when they send channel messages.
Channel Searches
Soul Blade is now equipped with a multi purpose channel search engine. Users can now search the channel for clones, modem users, a specific IP address or for IRC operators. The channel IAL is automatically updated.
Dynamic Log Viewer
A tool which enables dynamic viewing, saving and exporting of saved channel and query logs.
Server Actions
Server Properties
A useful custom dialog displaying server information, along with you user mode according to the specific server, and information such as K-Lines, G-Lines, MOTD etc.
Away System
Full featured away system, including Auto-Away and Silent Away. Page features included, along with paging message logging and away reason saving.
Lag Check & Statistics
Being one of the most essential parts of a mIRC script, a lag meter utility is built in Soul Blade. The lag testing sequence is fully customizable, and offers title bar display, amongst other information, echoing the information in the current window, or displaying it in a dialog window equipped with a custom progress bar to show the duration of the lag.
User Related
A valuable expansion of the standard mIRC notify system, which now displays all of the nicknames in your notify list, with those present marked. Through here, you can send instant messages, ping, open Advanced WhoIs etc. XNotify utilizes mIRC's notify list database, so you can use the nicknames specified in it.
User Properties
Through this utility you can set various properties for an IRC user, which can later on be used in order to respond to user requests, such as Auto DCC Get or AutoOp requests. A color for the side listbox can also be specified here.
Ignore Central
Ignore Central allows setting different ignore types for various users depending on the choices you make. Here, a new ignore type can be specified including the ignore switches, the user mask and the temporary ignore time period in seconds.
Advanced WhoIs
Designed to deliver the information in a more subtle manner, Advanced WhoIs prints the user information in a separate window, which offers user comparison ability. It automatically performs a DNS User@Host lookup, delivers the resolved address and the belonging country code.
User Auto Ping
As a standard option is the ability to respond to any kind of channel or private message containing the trigger words - ping, ping me - and therefore offer the user that sent the request his - her own lag period. For easier reference, the lag time is measured in milliseconds. In addition, the script has a built-in Auto Ping List which reacts to every ping request made by you. It also saves the resolved lag times for various users.
CTCP Events
CTCP Dynamic Replies
Soul Blade users can now dynamically change the script's CTCP replies according to needs and/or wishes. A built in CTCP Reply Editor is now available through the Control Panel.
CTCP Foreign Request Scanner
If enabled, this feature automatically logs every foreign CTCP request made by other users to you. the log files are named due to the date modified, and can be accessed through the Logs folder.
DCC Features
DCC features include a custom DCC exchange window, including total bandwidth meter. Of course, enquiry input boxes regarding DCC acceptation have also been included.
Settings & Tools
Control Panel
This is the general settings console of the entire script including each and every specific features it might have. I tried to make it as much as easier to read & understand as possible, so I just placed icons instead of command buttons.
Theme Manager
Change the way Soul Blade feels. Change default text, fonts, images, colors, even sounds.
Function Keys Accessibility
Each function key including CTRL & SHIFT combinations can now be reprogrammed to perform specific user desired functions, and/or commands.
Media Player
Since mIRC 5.8, Soul Blade offers a standard, stand-alone media player, able to play MP3, as well as WAVE and MIDI. It comes standard with full player controls including slide bar, a mixer window, and a full sized play list editor, as well as ID3 tag window.
Soul Blade Message System
Soul Blade users can now exchange in between themselves formatted messages using message boxes, and automatic HTTP redirection and activation.
Soul Blade has been equipped with a set of custom designed tools, to greatly enhance it's features.
MDX Usability
MDX Usability
Soul Blade now comes { as a standard package } equipped with DragonZap's mIRC Dialog Extension DLLs, thus allowing me to offer dialog customization, not yet seen in mIRC itself.
Help System & Update
Help System
Typical, standard Windows help file with automatic search ability. Nothing else.
News Server
Deliver Soul Blade news from the script server.
Update Feature
Not sure yet.
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