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ARTICLE mIRC 5.81 latest bug fix has been released @ 5 November 2000
mIRC 5.81 latest bug fix has been released. Gains or losses. - INSIDES @ 5 November 2000
As regular as he can be, Khaled has released the latest bug fix. It seems like the no new release is good enough without the proper bug fix. I mean, have you ever noticed script requiring mIRC 5.5, 5.6, 5.7 or so ? Oh, no, it always is 5.61, 5.71, 5.81 and so on. I myself decided to employ mIRC's (5.8) newest features and build up a decent MP3 player within mIRC itself. So I got to work, and started designing the dialogs. I have used some of DragonZap DLLs in the process, in order to make it look better. And, fortunately, everything seemed to work OK.
But then, one day I noticed I had no repeat function, so I added one. And that is where the problems started. I added a simple play routine within the On MP3END event, and it seemed that mIRC got into an endless loop whenever it tried to repeat a certain song. Further more, the same thing occurred whenever a sound was played, no matter the file type. BAH, I thought I was making some mistake, so I let it all go.
The dialogs got messed up again. Now, it was the icons not showing up within frames. Again, redesigned most of the dialogs, just for the script to work with 5.8. Nevertheless, furious is a small word for what I was feeling.
And then, magic happened ?!? Khaled decided to do a bug fix, and released the 5.81 edition. Proven to be a master of the IRC clients, fixed every glitch I managed to encounter. After all, the Media Player was working perfectly, and the dialogs got to what they were once more.
The point is, should we all experiment with the newest releases ? And is it worth it all that coding and changing, just in order for everything to look up to what it should. I think Khaled should employ better testers. 
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