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I tried to make this site as versatile as possible. That is why, this isn't just a script home, but also a small type resource for mIRC scripters. Everything you see here, is something that helped me design Soul Blade, and could possibly help you if you are in need of some technical help.
The items moved here are mostly technical documents, such as quoted RFC's { Requests For Comments } and reference tables.
RFC 821 { Simple Mail Transfer Protocol } - Jonathan B. Postel
This RFC covers the basics of the SMTP { Simple Mail Transfer Protocol } mainly designed for mail transfer. Quite useful when designing mail clients from your scripts.
RFC 1459 { Internet Relay Chat Protocol } - J. Oikarinen & D. Reed
This RFC covers the basics of the Internet Relay Chat Protocol, which started out as an experimental protocol, and ended to be the sole base on which mIRC and other IRC clients are build upon. This document contains the RAW form of server actions, replies and numeric raw events, along with examples and explanations.

RFC 1939 { Post Office Protocol 3 } - J. Myers & Carnegie Mellon & M. Rose

Along with the previous RFC 821, this document discusses the POP3 mail protocol, along with numeric server replies. A MUST if you plan on designing a mail client.
A table of ASCII codes, ranging from 0 to 127, and then from 128 to 255. Very useful with tokens.
Country Code Table - INSIDES
A simple INI file with country codes. Used in Soul Blade B5.
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