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 Soul Blade B5
The People Who Helped (!)
Thanks to Khaled, for designing a great IRC client to support user interaction and changeability, allowing me, the user, to implement my ideas and hope to have created something useful for a change. Yeah right.

Thanks to the guys who gave me the initial idea for scripting in the first place. I don't really know if I would have been doing this if it wasn't for you guys, but thanks anyways. I hope you will be appreciating my work and keep me encouraged to proceed.

Thanks to Trystan, the best beta tester Soul Blade ever had, for the great support he showed throughout testing Soul Blade. It was his suggestions that made Soul Blade what it now is. :)

Thanks to SpinoC for a great POP3 Mail Client.

Thanks to the resource center for the great service they offer.

Thanks to DragonZap for the great MDX DLLs he made and I used to offer full flexibility not yet delivered in mIRC itself.

Thanks to the ones that are using my script, for no particular reason.
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