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 Soul Blade B5
I left this page to see how much are users satisfied with the script. I will place ALL your comments here, in the form they arrive.
Jaco Niemand @ 28 September 2000
Nice, VERY nice !
RAIN @ 05 October 2000
The script has a very nice interface, and all features are dialog based, which is good. But there are some glitches that show up in the status window. Really looking forward to the next release.
Chameleon @ 12 October 2000
Very nice and well done. We're waiting for the next release. :) 
Strelok @ 15 October 2000
INSIDES, really waiting for the next release ;) and for more extensions too!
MaxMouse~ @ 06 October 2000
Were waiting on the fix INSIDES. By the way when do you expect it to be out for public use.
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