Soul Blade B5 @ INSIDES Script Design
 Soul Blade B5
For everything I ever forgot to put within Soul Blade. I thought it would be much easier to load up a single file, than a full script.
A Soul Blade B5 extension is actually a standard mIRC addon { script }, which holds several features that are specific for Soul Blade only { SBX format } and can be fully customized. This includes dynamically created popup menus, cascaded script files, as well as configuration and help support.
For a full review of the SBX extension format, please take a look at the Soul Blade help file.
EggDrop Services 1.1 - INSIDES @ 15 KB
EggDrop services extension that includes dialog and popup control over your EggDrop. All commands are supported, and the extension is always up to date with the newest command definitions. Ad least I hope.
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